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With fast-paced digital healthcare solutions, patients today feel more empowered than ever before. As more and more patients actively make their health decisions, digital health solutions are becoming the need of the hour. Artificial intelligence and digital health use various technologies and platforms to enhance the quality of healthcare.

Epillo Health System is a Digital Healthcare company based in Europe. It is bringing smart innovations in healthcare by incorporating digital therapeutics (DTx), artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning. With software-generated therapeutic intervention, it empowers patients to manage and treat medical conditions. It also gives access to various tools, helping to reach unmet medical needs. Epillo’s DTx devices are efficient and can be used remotely.

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

With the revolutionary development of personalized and precision medicine, healthcare is becoming more digital. In the past few years, we have seen many digital health applications in the form of smartphones, mobile applications, wearable devices, and cloud-based data platforms. As a result, health monitoring is not only restricted to hospitals and clinics but can be achieved remotely too. Digital therapeutics, a subset of digital health, are evidence -based therapeutic interventions driven by high quality software programs that prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or a disease.

In today’s world, drug development is quite complicated, expensive, and high-risk process. In spite of massive investment and research, it still takes a long time to prove a drug’s efficacy. To overcome these issues, the health industry is encouraging the usage of scientific tools to modernize drug development.

Epillo’s DTx monitor predicts and prevents drug-food and drug-drug interactions in real-time. With patient-facing software applications, it helps to manage health issues and has proven clinical benefits.

What is DTx?

Digital therapeutics or DTx is a part of digital health that represents a collection of tools and technologies used to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of healthcare. DTx integrates advanced technology with the most reliable clinical data and support that are reviewed and approved by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA).

In this digital world, DTx makes you more empowered and equipped about your healthcare decisions. Digital health tools are essential to get access to all your health needs.

Though DTx is a part of digital health innovations, it differs from telehealth, diagnostics, and digital health tools. As indicated by DTA, DTx products are software-driven and are also backed by evidence that can prevent and manage a disease or a disorder. The DTx products are more focused, clinically verified, and FDA approved. In simple words, DTx is a medical software which your doctor can prescribe to self-manage, treat and predict your illness.

Epillo’s DTx is the outcome of in-depth research on drug-food and drug-drug interactions to provide safer healthcare. Epillo’s Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx) and its mobile applications will not only improve your current treatment but also record your clinical data for your future health needs. It’s easy navigation features give you all the needed information about your food and drug interactions.

Epillo’s DTx — How it Works

Epillo’s DTx helps you monitor, predict, manage, and prevent in real-time:

● Drug-Food constituent interactions

● Drug-Drug constituent interactions

Epillo provides patient-facing mobile applications and clinical tools to clinicians allowing them to monitor and analyze drug interactions. Generally, we experience several undesirable pharmacological effects that are triggered by drug and food interactions. Many times drug effects are slowed down due to consumption of certain food.

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx) and its mobile application are recommended for use on regular or frequent prescriptions. It creates clinical data for patients as well as healthcare providers to enhance treatment effects. With easy navigation features, it can alarm or alert regarding serious food-drug and drug-drug interactions. It is an excellent tool that helps to manage food patterns that can increase drug efficacy.

Epillo’s DTx has unique features like camera capture and menu scanner, which helps you plan your meals based on your preference. The machine-learning model adapts to your eating pattern and learns along the way. This smart feature can even connect to your smart fridge to collect data on existing groceries. Epillo’s DTx helps you lead a healthy life and get a better outcome from your medications.


Many organizations have adapted to blockchain technology in the healthcare domain. It benefits healthcare through decentralization, privacy, and security ensuring secure access to medical data for patients and doctors. Blockchain technology supports the management of electronic health records, remote patient monitoring, and pharmaceutical supply chain.

During remote patient monitoring, a lot of medical data get stored through mobile devices, sensors, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Blockchain plays a crucial role in the secure storage and retrieval of this data. With this technology, Epillo is improving patient health data safety and security.

In the pharmaceutical supply chain, the delivery of inadequate medications can significantly affect the treatment outcome. Blockchain addresses this problem and helps in quality control.

Its anti-counterfeiting technologies provide solutions, improve information sharing and data collection, and help overcome various adoption and implementation barriers. This next-generation technology ensures the future security and integrity of the global drug supply chain.

Epillo’s Innovative Digital Health Technology

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutic devices are patient-facing software applications that help

patients to manage or prevent the disease with a proven clinical benefit. For

example, DTx can support patients in self-managing symptoms, which can benefit their current therapies and improve their quality of life.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) medical software can be prescribed by doctors to help patients treat, predict, prevent, or manage a disease, illness, or symptom. Epillo is also preparing to launch a DTx-based software application named as INTRx, which will significantly benefit the health industry.

Epillo has its Patent-pending innovations in 153 countries through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and 27 countries of the European Union (EU) through the European Patent Office (EPO). It is working tirelessly to bring revolutionary changes in the digital healthcare technology landscape by incorporating the best of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Blockchain. Epillo has been evaluated at $150 million for their innovative digital health technology by a well-known international evaluation firm named Sagacious IP.

Epillo has partnered with USA-based Hydrus 7 Labs — to aggressively expand its innovation portfolio and broaden and accelerate product development in Europe and the USA.

Barriers Experienced In the Adoption of DTx and Blockchain

Though DTx and blockchain offer powerful solutions to health conditions, we experience various barriers in the adoption of these technologies. The two main obstacles include;

● Difficulty in differentiating DTx from other health applications in the general digital health market

● Uneven incentives in the healthcare environment

Millions of dollars have been invested in developing these health applications, which are available in the market. But the general public, as well as health professionals, fails to differentiate the proven high-value applications from low-quality apps. Widespread adoption to DTx may take longer, and these digital solutions are continuously evolving and offering better safety standards.

Bottom Line

DTx and blockchain applications are here to stay. Using these revolutionary technologies, Epillo is addressing various chronic health conditions. These technologies are helping the pharma industry to take a thoughtful approach. These innovations are encouraging and are creating a powerful impact on patient healthcare.

With innovative products and services, Epillo is taking bringing digital healthcare solutions to everyone’s lifestyle.

At Epillo Health Systems, we are deploying tools and initiatives that are designed to help everyone make more informed health decisions